WordPress Maintenance Service

Once a website goes live, maintenance becomes an integral process of the website lifecycle. Website maintenance service is an essential element of the online presence and it acts as a well oiled machinery running 24/7. Our WordPress maintenance services involve various processes that taking care of the website and constantly updating it, in order to stay relevant with the changing technology versions. The process of maintenance does demand regular monitoring and software upgrades which need to be followed diligently in order to keep the website in a functional state.

Now you may simply wonder why you need to conduct maintenance when you are happy with the way the website is functioning.

Following are few benefits of regular website maintenance.

  1. Website Backup – Backup prevents any kind of loss of data due to technical or unforeseen circumstances. Our WordPress website package includes Monthly Maintenance, Nightly Backups and 24/7 Monitoring.
  2. Update Core, themes and plug-in – WordPress as a medium is under constant development, bugs get fixed and security holes are plugged regularly providing a seamless experience for the users and hence the need for regular update of the themes, plug-in and core.
  3. Optimize the Database – It is important as WordPress is a database driven CMS (Content Management system) which means the entire details and content of the site is stored in a database. The updates led to creation of junk, hence clearing the clutter would lead to better results.
  4. Bug fixes & Security updates – Protecting your website from hackers, fixing bugs and monitoring the overall health is necessary to protect the website against hackers, as information on the website is surely invaluable to the business and cannot be left at the mercy of people to steal.

Why Choose Us?

We as a team ensure the below services are provided keeping affordability in mind.

  • Database optimization and backup
  • WordPress Updates to ensure your website is updated with the latest WordPress version.
  • Theme & Plug-in Updates
  • Files Backup – We’ll take regular backups of your files, media, plug-in, and themes
  • Up-time Monitoring to ensure your website is always accessible to your users
  • Support around the clock – 24/7 monitoring
  • Security scans are conducted for any kind of malware and virus
  • Bug fixes to ensure full functionality of your website.
  • Monthly Maintenance Reports upon request

Contact us if you have a query or check our Popular WordPress Website pricing plans.