10 Signs it’s Time to Redesign Your Website

10 signs its time to redesign your website

In today’s digital world making a great first impression is important as potential clients or customers see your business website before considering working with you. Your website whether it’s an e-commerce or service based website needs to be engaging, aesthetically pleasing and above all user friendly. A great user experience would help boost your customer leads and sales. A redesigned website helps your online presence stay relevant and keeps you competitive in the ever changing digital landscape. There are several reasons for which your website demands a redesign; we are listing 10 signs which should help you decide if you need to redesign your website.

     1. Not Mobile Friendly And Responsive

It is probably the most important sign for you to get your website redesigned. Google has rolled out the mobile first index as mobile searches have been on the rising and they have been gradually surpassing desktop searches. In 2018, 52.2 percent of all website traffic worldwide was generated through mobile phones. No matter where you are, people are browsing the web on their phones constantly. Your website needs to be responsive for mobile devices in order to having better ranks in mobile search results and for better user experience.

     2. Use Of Flash

Adobe flash was a popular choice for animation and graphics few years back. However Flash is not mobile friendly and is blocked by various browsers like Google chrome, Firefox, and Safari. It makes a website vulnerable to security issues and exposes sensitive client information. Flash websites require a flash player plug-in installed to view your website, most mobiles can´t read flash and flash content takes longer than usual to load. The use of HTML5 and CSS3 can replace many complex Flash animations, drawing, and interactivity. These can be combined with JavaScript to create more complex interactivity for your website. Therefore a redesign would be a smart decision if you are still using flash on your website.

     3. High Bounce Rate

Making informed decisions is always a wise choice. Google analytics acts like a guiding light in providing you details on your website performance. When you find decline in repeat visitors and high bounce rates you know something is wrong. Crowded design is also a contributing factor for higher bounce rates and/or can be an indication of irrelevant content or low-quality of content. Bounce rates vary depending on the industry type. A high bounce rate usually indicates a poor user experience. The below chart shows metrics on average bounce rate by industry.

     4. Outdated Web Design

Websites have evolved quite a bit over the years. Today, it’s all about clean design and easy navigation. If your site is a cluttered mess that looks outdated, it’s time for a re-design. We all know that if you have a crappy looking website, it’s going to hurt the perception of your brand. And let’s get real… perception is everything. It’s important that your customers and potential customers trust you, and a strong re-design can help make that happen. If your website is outdated, then its conversion rate will most likely drop significantly over time.

     5. Website Is Slow

If the website loads slowly, the visitor is surely not going to wait around, and they will find an alternative or seek out your competition. With a slow website you not only risk annoying your customers (and causing them to give up and leave), but you also hurt your search engine ranking. If it takes more than a few seconds for your pages to load, there’s a problem. You will need to find out the reason for a slow website and take action. Apart from having a Bad Hosting service provider other reason such as excessive HTTP requests, JavaScript issues and unclean code are some of the common factors contributing to more loading time. Having a fast-loading website will not only ensure that your customers stick around, but also that they’ll have a great experience on your site!

     6. Unable To Make Content Updates

Older websites can have very complicated methods to add or update content. Also if your website is of a static kind then you will not have control on content updates unless you are a web programmer yourself. Therefore if you have difficulty updating your content, you should consider rebuilding your site in a newer CMS like WordPress. WordPress makes it easy to organize and update content. Click here to know Why WordPress Is the Most Popular CMS in the World. When you can easily update your content, your site will become more SEO friendly, as your content can constantly improve and remain fresh to the user.

     7. Visitors Can’t Easily Navigate

It is vital that your visitors understand what your business is all about quickly. No matter what page they land on in your website, they need to be able to get information quickly. If it’s difficult or confusing to navigate, visitors won’t stay long, nor will they engage with your business. If you’re unable to easily find the content within just a few clicks, or taps on your mobile device, update your site by improving its navigation structure.

     8. Lack Of Customer Conversion

Getting visitors to your site is a great first step, but if those people aren’t turning into customers at some point, then something is wrong with your site. There can be many reasons to it such as it’s not secured with HTTPS, it contains dead links or it doesn’t have effective Call-To-Action. A website is a powerful marketing tool that can help you connect with your business’s audience and nurture them into customers, but you need to update it regularly. You will need to change the website theme, color scheme, text or placement of a CTA etc, to check what works best for you.

     9. Your Website Isn’t Updated

Businesses evolve and grow over the years, which mean a website that worked well in 2015 may not work so well in 2019. A new website could be just what you need to grow your business into the future by adding new features and interactive tools. It happens a lot of times that you have created a website and have not updated it in a long time. If your business has outgrown your website, it’s surely time to look into making necessary changes in order to cater to your customers and visitors. The inaccurate information on your website would reflect badly upon the customer stating the inability of the business to stay current.

     10. Website Is Not Aligned With Marketing And Business Goals

The website needs to be aligned with the business goals and be in sync with Marketing. If your website doesn’t match your brand, you need to update it. From the logo and header to the font and formatting, every element on your website must reflect your business’s brand. The website would not only ensure lead generation, creating brand awareness and attracting talent for the business. If the website is not doing the above it is time to seriously rethink the redesigning options.

If any of the above signs relates to your current website situation then it is time to analyzing your website and to consider redesigning of your website and do something about it. Feel free to contact us and we shall be glad to help you know what would be the best-fit solutions for your current website.